Earthship ontario

28+ Earthships in Ontario, Canada | Earthship Revolution Worldwide

Aug 17, 2021

People all across the world, with big hearts and unbreakable human spirits, are escaping dystopian cities and creating a new and better culture from the ground up. For many of them, the process begins with an Earthship home. No form of human habitation even comes close to the resilience, structural indestructibility and freedom provided by…

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earthship global model

Building The Earthship Global Model Near Ottawa, Canada | Earthship Construction Plans & Modifications

Jul 28, 2021

In this article, I’ll reveal my custom-designed Earthship with top Architect from Nova Scotia, and why I’ve chosen to scrap those plans and build the Earthship Global model, with a few custom modifications, instead. You’ll also learn about The Bastard Tirehouse, an Earthship being built by a family just 30 minutes away in Portland, Ontario.…

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Biochar: The Extraordinary Soil Booster & How to Make It

Jul 21, 2021

The future of agriculture is to produce the highest quality, most health-giving foods possible, and in a way that benefits both the earth and its people.  Modern agriculture – and its use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, as well as the production of annual grains as staple foods – continues desertifying once-fertile lands, and effective ways…

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Chainsaws and MASSIVE Fires Preparing for The Earthship Build | July 2021 Update

Jul 1, 2021

Heaps and Heaps of downed trees stacked 30 feet high can be seen on Let’s Grow Farm for almost 1500 feet.  These trees are what remain after loggers cleared 10 acres of forest, ordered by the previous owner in preparation for selling the place.  In 2021, one of my primary tasks has been sawing the downed…

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The TRUTH About Seed Storage | Seed Shelf Life Answered by Dam Seeds

Jun 24, 2021

Last month I had the thought of buying a lifetime supply of seeds and creating my own ‘doomsday’ seed vault like the one tucked into the side of a frigid mountain in Svalbard, Norway in the picture below. That way there would be nothing the banker c*nts and CEOs pushing humanity towards technocracy could do to prevent…

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earthship soil test

Best Soil Types for an Earthship & How to Do a Soil Test

Jun 10, 2021

Before you build a million-pound Earthship home, make sure you do a soil test so your house doesn’t shift OR SINK! If the soil at your building site isn’t a good foundation for underneath an Earthship, your architect and/or structural engineer will probably recommend that you use a tractor or hire an excavator to scrape…

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Driveway Build lets grow

Building the Driveway at Lets Grow Farm Ottawa with Tackaberry Construction

May 25, 2021

The massive 400 foot driveway is in, but it took a million pounds more rocks than they initially quoted! In April 2021, Al and his team from Tackaberry Construction near Perth, Ontario came to install the driveway at Let’s Grow Farm. The build took 5 days, and there were many surprises along the way, including…

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mark birdhouse birds cover

Installing 4 New Birdhouses at Lets Grow Farm

May 17, 2021

Dear diary, today I installed 4 wooden birdhouses which I bought from a local craftsman near Ottawa. I had fun, but filming it was a bit of a pain in the ass, and I almost fell in the stream a couple times. Placement of the Birdhouses The first birdhouse I mounted to a dead tree…

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