The Montague Earthship & How To Build an Earthship in Ontario

This page was created to showcase the construction of the Montague Earthship, and to provide a ton of helpful resources for anyone looking to build an Earthship in Ontario, Canada.

I've included a list of Earthships already built in Ontario with video tours, as well as Earthship Architects, Structural Engineers and Mechanical Engineers that are experienced with this building style who can help you design and build your own.

You'll also find the full-length documentary about Earthship founder Michael Reynolds and the three books he wrote on Earthship construction and how to build one.

What is an Earthship?

An Earthship is a passive solar home made from natural and recycled materials.  The primary building component of an Earthship is used tires, which are rammed with dirt to create 400-pound steel-belted "bricks."

Watch the video tour of a completed Earthship in Taos, New Mexico in the video on the right.  Once The Montague Earthship is complete I will probably replace that video with a tour of it.

Earthships in Ontario, Canada

In recent years, a heap of Earthships have been constructed in Ontario.  Some owners enjoy speaking publicly about their homes and are happy to answer your questions, schedule visits, etc. and others like to keep things private.

Below I've included a list of the more popular ones who have been incredibly helpful to me when I've reached out to ask questions.  I've included video tours and their websites where you can learn more about their builds and contact them if need be.

The Collingwood Earthship

The Collingwood Earthship built by Matt Code

The Windchaser's Earthship

Near Port Dover built by Craig and Connie Cook

The Bancroft Earthship

Architects, Engineers & Builders

To build an Earthship you'll need either an Architect to create your design, or to buy pre-made drawings from Earthship Biotecture, a structural engineer to sign off on your design, and a mechanical engineer to help you design your air exchange system (to keep air flowing in winter when the windows are closed).

This section can save you weeks or months of hunting down the right people to help you design and build your Earthship.

Earthship Architects/Drawings

Earthship Biotecture Construction Drawings:

Earthship Structural Engineers

Andrew Melchers - Structural Engineer
In Engineering

Earthship Mechanical Engineers

Greg Leskien - Mechanical Engineer
Zone Engineering

Earthship Construction Companies

Want to hire a few people to help you build?  Or hire a team of experienced Earthship builders to build it for you?  The following companies offer Earthship construction and support services.

Earthship Biotecture
An Earthship design and construction company owned by Architect Michael Reynolds

Pangea Builders
An Earthship construction company owned by Michael Reynold's son

Southwest Sustainable Builders
A sustainable building design and construction company owned by Ted Elsasser

Earthships Ontario Facebook Group

Find many more Earthship enthusiasts on the Earthships Ontario Facebook group:

Where to Get Tires?

An Earthship can have between 1000-1500 tires so the gathering process can take some time.  Thankfully it can be done gradually as you build by visiting local tire shops with a trailer or truck and taking their used tires off their hands.  An amazing 'hack' for getting tires is to call Trillium Recycling who will deliver a full truckload of tires (1000+ tires) directly to your property for free!  However, keep in mind you'll probably have hundreds of tires to deal with at the end.  I'm going to get all mine individually using a 16-foot trailer (about 45 tires fit on these trailers at a time).

Trillium Recycling

Garbage Warrior Documentary (2007)

Garbage Warrior is a film about the inventor of architect architecture Mike Reynolds and how he developed the Earthship style of building as well as his struggle with the laws of Taos, New Mexico, and the location of his experimental Earthship community, in order to receive approval to build experimental Earthship homes which are unrecognizable to local building codes.

Building The Montague Earthship

I've decided to document the entire building process of The Montague Earthship both for my own satisfaction and to help others with their own Earthship building projects.  Below you'll find all the articles I've written, most of which include videos I made to show you how it's done step-by-step.

Timeline for the Earthship Montague Build

My goal for 2021 is to get the building permit approved and get started on pounding tires.  By the end of 2022 I want to have the Earthship completely built and be moved in.

Be sure to subscribe to receive updates on the build so you can watch it unfold.

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The Earthship Book Trilogy by Michael Reynolds

The best way to get started building your own Earthship home is to pick up a copy of the books written by inventor of Earthship construction Michael Reynolds at the links below.