Installing 4 New Birdhouses at Lets Grow Farm

Dear diary, today I installed 4 wooden birdhouses which I bought from a local craftsman near Ottawa. I had fun, but filming it was a bit of a pain in the ass, and I almost fell in the stream a couple times.

Placement of the Birdhouses

The first birdhouse I mounted to a dead tree that was still standing at a height of about 7 or 8 feet. The other three birdhouses I mounted to 8 foot metal poles that I hammered into the ground with a post pounder.

The birdhouse I mounted on the tree went up without much of an issue. Funny story though: I tried screwing it to the tree at first with the drill in reverse! All the holes I had pre-drilled at home before the install, so in theory, it should’ve been a breeze. But I ended up pushing and pushing with the trigger fully squeezed for at least 10 seconds and couldn’t figure out why the hell it wouldn’t go in. Once it figured it out the screw flew in without a hitch.  Lesson learned.

The pole mounted birdhouses had their own set of challenges. First of all, each metal pole was about 15 pounds, so carrying three at a time, with the metal post pounder, my tripod, camera, drill and screws took a couple trips each time I went to move to a new spot. Who needs a gym?

I knew there were lots of rocks on my land, but when I went to pound each post, I learned that there were lots of rocks down in the soil also. All three posts that I pounded took a few tries in multiple spots before finding the right one where there were no rocks in the way. When rocks were in the way, the pole would end up driving in on an angle and lose its “plumb”. The birds deserve better than that. Try and try again until you succeed.

Filming was a bit of challenge because the land at this point was anything but flat. Lots of holes from uprooted stumps so it’s up and down at basically every step. Once I found a level spot for the tripod I walked through the water to find the right place for the birdhouse. Water flowed into my boot a couple times on my way through the water, but my feet needed a washing anyways so it’s all good.

The birdhouses are now up and the other day while on a sunset sushi picnic date we saw a bird fly into one of them. It this was an episode of MTV cribs, the birds would be living large in their new wooden birdhouses.


The birdhouse install day was a success. I learned a few things, got some exercise, washed my feet, listened to a bunch of birds sing notes of gratitude, and got some sunshine. What more does one need in life?